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PATIENT TESTIMONIALS:  Satisfaction, in their own words. 

What people are saying about Lakeview Surgery Center. 


At Lakeview Surgery Center, we are commited to the health and well-being of our patients.  We are also dedicated to serving the medical community that cares for them, including keeping them informed about their patients satisfaction. 


Here are just a few things people are saying about Lakeview Surgery Center and our compassionate approach to outpatient surgery.

  • They have an amazing staff! I have been in this facility a handful of times for a handful of different procedures, each time has been exceptional no matter the procedure they are caring and supportive of any and all needs!  I belive the Director of this facility should be recognized for their outstanding staff.  Happy Staff Happy Clients.  Thank you to all who partook in my daughters surgery.  You are Amazing!!!!!
  • Kelsey made sure my pain was controlled before I left, she made me feel at ease before I was released. 
  • Staff was very courteous and professional! I received great information, as well as my family member, on how procedure went and what I could expect during recovery. 
  • We didn't feel rushed to leave and felt like all of our concerns were answered adequately.  Thank you!
  • Amy and Michelle in the OR made me feel comfortable the little I was awake! 
  • They were all so wonderful and caring, and made sure I was checked on periodically.  They were super friendly and knowledgeable.  I would give this surgery center 5 stars!
  • Libby in the OR did a great job.  She made sure I was comfortable and was at ease. She was right at my side when I woke up.  It was nice to see a friendly face that I recognized.Thank You!
  • Angie did a wonderful job trying to make my son as comfortable as possible when going back for surgery without his parents. 
  • Deb was wonderful in post-op.  Went over instructions & ensured we understood next steps. 
  • I want to thank all the nurses that helped with my son.  I was to specifically thank Tony for his way of calming my son down and understanding his needs! 
  • Denise in Admit and Tamera at the Front Desk were extremely friendly and made the process quick and easy. 
  • Shelly was very nice, she made check in easy and no stress.  THANK YOU!  Deb in pre-op was great.  She didn't rush me, made me very comfy!
  • They were all nice and welcoming and OK with my screaming toddler. 
  • Vibes of the staff was consistent, professional and friendly.